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Coatings Raw Materials

What do General Motors, Milwaukee's Miller Park and bridges across the United States have in common? They are all serving their customers and users better due to quality coating raw material products from Bayer MaterialScience. Bayer coatings raw materials help these products and structures, and many more, look better and last longer.

Bayer offers a wide range of coatings raw materials for the formulation of one component (1K) and two component (2K) polyurethane coating systems. Our coatings raw materials include:

  • diisocyanate monomers and polyisocyanates, in both aliphatic and aromatic chemistries
  • polyester, polyether and acrylic resins
  • aqueous polyurethane dispersions
  • powder coatings raw materials

To learn more about polyurethane coatings, Bayer encourages you to register on this Web Site and download The Chemistry of Polyurethane Coatings, a technical reference guide to understand how one and two-component polyurethane coating systems are formulated. If you are not registered this Web Site to access literature, you may create a registration on this page.

Bayer also offers environmentally friendly coatings raw materials and technologies. In fact, Bayer received the Green Chemistry Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for developing a waterborne industrial coating material that uses water instead of chemical solvents (solventborne), thus reducing volatile air emissions by as much as 99 percent.

New Bayer Polyurethane Dispersions Center

Coating formulations based on polyurethane dispersions technology comply with more stringent environmental regulations, yet don't compromise most technical performance requirements. Learn more about the versatility of this technology on the Bayer Polyurethane Dispersions Center .

For industrial coatings requiring the highest performance, Bayer has been a pioneer in the development and commercialization of polyaspartic aliphatic coating chemistry.

Most recently, Bayer has entered the powder coating market with a line a powder coatings raw materials and technical expertise.

Bayer is also an active participant in the Responsible Care initiative, and our employees are committed to environmental protection and safety.

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