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Polyurethanes for solventborne adhesives

High-molecular-weight polyurethanes terminated with hydroxyl groups are marketed under the name Desmocoll®. Desmocoll® hydroxyl polyurethanes are polyaddition products based on bifunctional polyesters and diisocyanates.

Properties: The Desmocoll® grades differ with respect to their crystallization rate, solution viscosity and thermoplasticity. The Desmocoll® grades in the 100 range are particularly suitable for the packaging segment because they have lower crystallinity and good adhesion to less polar surfaces. The Desmocoll® grades based on aromatic isocyanates have a tendency to yellowing under the influence of light.

In the packaging industry, Desmocoll®-based adhesives are used for the production of laminated film and crossbottom valve sacks.


  • Excellent solubility in many organic solvents, e.g. ethyl acetate
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