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Polyols for solvent-free adhesives for the production of isocyanate-terminated prepolymers


The Bayer polyols form isocyanate-terminated prepolymers when combined with monomeric polyisocyanates of the Desmodur® and Mondur® range. For the production of adhesives for the packaging and film lamination industries, use is made above all of Desmophen® polyester resins and Acclaim®, Arcol® and Multranol® polyether polyols.

Properties: The choice of polyol grade controls the specific adhesion to a wide variety of plastic films and the viscosity of the adhesive. Whereas the polyester grades have particularly high specific adhesion to various materials, formulations containing the polyether grades are noted above all for their outstanding viscosity and the superior bond resistance.

Uses: The above-mentioned polyols have proved valuable above all for the production of adhesives for flexible bonds.


  • High strength and resistance of the bonds
  • Good adhesion to different materials

Contact us and our technical experts will be pleased to give detailed advice on specific applications and on the formulation of adhesives based on polyols.

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