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High-Performance Polyurea Polymer Coating Technology for Exceptionally Durable, Weatherable, Fast-Curing and Cost-Effective Finish Coats

The use of polyaspartic chemistry for finish coats represents an exciting entry into a new coating technology for industrial coating applications. Polyaspartics enhance the use of conventional two-component aliphatic polyurethane coating technology by providing faster dry times and higher film builds. The fast-drying characteristics of polyaspartic coating technology translate into a rapid return to service, and high film build makes it possible to reduce the number of coats in a paint system while maintaining the same overall thickness. These improvements all add up to improve the overall productivity of a painting operation.

Polyaspartic coating technology offers many benefits over other coating chemistries due to its:

  • increased speed of cure
  • increased film build
  • good weatherability characteristics
  • excellent corrosion protection


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