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The strength of this surfer's leg rope made from TPU materials from Bayer MaterialScience is put to the test. The strength of this surfer's leg rope made from TPU materials from Bayer MaterialScience is put to the test.

Desmopan® 600 Series - The Next Generation of Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU)

For decades, molders have searched for a more dynamic thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that provides more benefits including:

  • Soft-touch feel
  • Durability
  • Excellent processibility
  • Reduced cycle time to help reduce part costs
  • High microbe and hydrolysis resistance
  • Easy to recycle

The search may be over.

The new Desmopan® 600 Series of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is based on a new type of polyether raw material.  This new line of soft-touch thermoplastic polyurethanes is offered in three grades: 

  • Desmopan DP-6065A
  • Desmopan DP-6386A
  • Desmopan DP-6045DU


The Strong Material with a Soft Touch

The visual and tactile appeal of this soft-touch TPU resin, as well as its toughness and durability, make the Desmopan 600 Series a suitable resin in industries such as electronics including cellular telephones, sporting equipment and in the manufacturing of other products such as seal and gaskets.

Click here to view a Physical Properties chart for the Desmopan 600 Series.


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Soft Touch TPU for Injection-Molding, Overmolding and Multi-Component Molding

The Desmopan TPU 600 Series, with a hardness range of 65 Shore A to 45 Shore D, can be used for the manufacturing of injection molded technical parts and for the extrusion of tubes, hoses, profiles and sheets.  Fast solidification rates make these materials ideal for injection molding with very short cycle times.  TPUs adhere to a variety of substrates, making these materials suitable for overmolding and multi-component molding. 

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Discover the new line of Desmopan soft-touch thermoplastic polyurethanes from Bayer MaterialScience

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Read the news release introducing the Desmopan TPU 600 series here.


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